Sunday, July 4, 2010

the battle of the belly button

dear blogger, i regret to inform you that i have not felt in any way motivated to post in quite some time. i have cheated on you with my diary because some things are just too secret to tell you about. please dont be angry, just understand that your style isnt my style right now and i cant really say all that i need to say to you so i might be a bit vague in the near present/futureness. don't take this the wrong way, i still care for you, i just don't really feel like including you in "the loop." nevertheless, I will do my best to keep you informed atleast of day to day events and check in to let you know that I am still alive, but beyond that i make no promises. please understand me when i say i still love you.
with that said, i feel obligated to blog now. *sigh. okay, ill think of something cuz it HAS been awhile since i've actually posted :/. well, this past week was day camp, and we had our crazy carnival on friday which was loads of fun... except i didnt get to get my face painted cuz the line was too long and they wouldnt lemme in the bounce house ( :-O... no fair!). but over all it was fun, im sad its over~ life is kinda boring w/o something to do everyday, especially when that something consists of catching frogs, wading in swamps, dancing around with friends and being silly! but anyways, im back to normal life. well saturday was an epic flop... we danced for art in the park but our music died so it didnt really work out at all. then we went to the beach... which was alrite, but its kinda an icky beach. and then church, which was also alrite. nothing out of the ordinary. then today was strange, i got up around nine and lazed around for awhile, then i ended up back in my room and i guess i fell asleep cuz next thing i knew it was noon and my mom was standing over me asking why i wasnt working on doing the laundry... then i had to get up (*sigh, i was soooo tired) and do laundry... then leah and her strange friend wanted me to take their pictures all glamourous so we did that. and now, my parents are out seeing the A Team and im babysitting,and we are making smores with graham crackers and swiss cake rolls... mmmmmm <3 okay. now im getting off here and doing my job of bleh babysitting.

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