Sunday, August 1, 2010

more to come?

this is gonna be short cuz i have to go drive, but i feel like i need to post and let you all know that i am alive. still breathing. my heart is still beating. ive just been super busy. all my days have been running together, little trifling ( ^^ fun word) things throughout the day like cleaning room, practising guitar (watch me use english spelling, hee hee hee), chores, babysitting... and then a bit of sleep when necessary ( i can go on 3 hours now, im very proud of myself!!), you know drink some pink lemonade, eat some cake, throw some toads outta my room... pretend to be sociable and agreeable when FORCED. its pretty blah. so i do what i can. but next week, i have worship camp~ yaaaaaaaaay. i get to see all my homies from last year, and PW's stopping by sometime??? so he says. oh. i have to go DRIIIIIVE (agh)...
ill post more later~ much to talk about my loves :)

1 comment:

  1. Oh yes, I am definitely stopping by. I'm in Grand Rapids tonight, so I'm thinking tomorrow :)

    I can't wait! I'm excited!!! :D :D