Sunday, July 18, 2010

a run in with the weed whacker and other unfortunate tales

song of the day: if i am by nine days~ best song ever

good morning. and indeed it is a good morning. lovely actually. these mornings, however may very well be the death of me! maaaaaaaaaaaan. anyways. so i got up around 10 ish, and found myself on the floor, with no blankets or pillows, just sprawled in the middle of my room! for those of you who dont know, im getting a new bed ( upgrade from twin to full woot woot) so my mum took out my old frame and boxsprings and everything leaving me with only my mattress, pillows etc... this makes it very easy to just roll off the bed and onto the floor, which apparently was my dillema. i was so tired, its a good thing i was on just the mattress or that would have been a big thunk down to the concrete other news, a very loud cricket has taken residence in my window well, and im not sure how i feel about this. I love crickets, and i love listening to them, but this one is rather loud and random, he'll start chirping for 5 minutes at TOP VOLUME then nothing for 15 minutes, then he'll be back... like he's giving a concert or something. I shall name it Cameron the Cricket and i shall love him forever. ahem. rite-o, ANYWAYS.
oh yeah, i must tell about the horridly rude men that came over yesterday. not only did they not eat any of the giant meal we made for them, but they were completely disinterested and silent making for some very awkward moments. then, after a short walk they turned to my dad and said " uh... can we go now?" with not even a thanks or nice of you to have us over! grrrrrrrrrrooowwwwl. whatever.
and i also had a run in with the grill in which i was almost a piece of charred-girlie. turn all the burners on my dad said, then push the red button. i did this and THREE FEET OF FLAMES SHOT OUT AT ME! this caused much laughter from my dad, who i was talking to on the phone, and much screaming and then laughter from me. its really not funny!!
and then the weed whacker, so i finally figured that beast out and then it started to rain. first of all, the little blue whippy thing kept getting sucked in so it wouldnt do anything, then it just wouldnt work ( well maybe that was cuz it wasnt plugged in... :/) then it rained. and now i have to go start it again cuz its not raining. *sigh.
so im getting back in the bloggy spirit now~ as soon as my wifi is up and running again yahll might get a few more posts, but until then...
love, peace and gummies for all

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