Monday, July 19, 2010

crazy? why yes, i think i am, do you have a problem with it?

song of the day: story of a girl by nine days

things i will never understand (part one):

1. whats the big deal about the tab on the mattress that cannot be removed... i plan on removing mine soon and getting a video of me being such a rebel. I mean really, why's it so important to leave the tag on?
2. why parents are so randomly strict. i don't understand alot of the things my parents are so set on... like for one they never let me call guys, unless its like for homework stuff. since this is hello the modern world this makes no sense to me at ALL but alrite, whatever...
3. weed whackers. i had to use one yesterday and it almost killed me, no really it was reallyyy bad. first of all, i had to wear these horrid safety glasses that made me look like a GEEK and then all this grass shot out at me and made me look like i had hairy green legs.... then the stupid blue whippy stuff kept unraveling everywhere. finally, the last three feet i litterally ripped the grass out of the ground myself to avoid using the beast
4. guys that buy girls necklaces with their (the guys) name on it. this seems random, but i was looking through my diary today and on my HS trip we went to the hoover dam and my homebro borrowed some money to buy his girlfriend a necklace with his name on it. alrite, am i just a feminist freak or does this bother you too? its like a dog peeing on a hydrant " THIS IS MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINE!" its like by accepting it, she's saying "my name isnt good enough. i'll be just like him" i dunno, this just BOTHERS me, its like well my identity is shot, you are sooo much more important... what do you think? aminuts?
5. html. i really dont get html, i have tried to mess with it b4 and yeah wow, that didnt work out so well...
6. earwigs. what is their purpose in life beyond looking icky? *shudder* i HATE those things, they're just NASTY i've taken to keeping a cup of water in my room and just dropping them in it when i find them so they can drown, yeah harsh. what can i say.
7. nature. i dont like it. plushie, im sure you know exactly what i mean.
in other news, my turncoat siblings went to see a clown today. i am still horrified. and in MORE news, court i still have to do that room meme~ esp since i just moved a ton of stuff around and got a bigger bed, yaaay. speaking of bigger bed, its strange, its gonna take me awhile to get used to the fact that if i wanted to i could sleep completey spread out and still barely take up all the room! ho hum. ooooh did i mention i had some amazing tea a few days ago? lemme find some pictures... so my dad went to take our rude arab friends back to MSU and called to say he was at bubble island, what did i want... so before now id only ever had like plain and strawberry milk tea with the black bubbles, but i was like hmm im feeling like fruity stuff so i got a strawberry something or other like snow tea or something? with mango stars... oooh yummmmmmm

so i start drivers training today. im not liking that idea... specially since its 3 weeks 6-8 every frappe night! grr. whatevah.
stay awesome my loves!

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  1. Okay, I am incredibly jealous. I haven't had bubble tea in so long. v.v
    I tried the strawberry tea once. It was okay, but it tasted just like strawberry milk. I love strawberry milk, but I like a more foreign taste for my milk tea. ;D
    Next time you get the chance for Bubble Island, think about trying a taro milk tea with mango stars! It's me and Zach's favourite kind, so good. :]

    And yeah, the necklace thing is stoopid.