Friday, May 28, 2010

sorry... been so hectic lately...

song of the day: goodnight gravity by falling up

wull. what to say? its been soooo long since ive blogged~verry sorry, but i just havent felt up to it, honestly i dont feel up to it rite now either. kind of in a bad mood but not sure why. anyways, i shall press on and blog anyways. ummm... well, school is over yay for me but also sad bcuz one of my homebros is leaving for lhs next year (saaaaaaaaaaadness). funny because hes an annoying twit and completely inappropriate but him and my best friend/worst enemy are all that kept me sane this year and i will be sad to see him go :(. other than that, i passed my lifeguard training... yay me! verry excited bcuz this means i can get a job somewhere this summer, which i need bcuz i plan to

1. buy a little laptop (i call them hermans, long story)- $25o
2. buy an dance dress if i do well enuf at feis- $250
3. i'd really like to go to a chinese immersion camp at msu this july, my mum was telling me about it and it sounds rlly cool- $60
neways, life guard training was an absolute blast. the other kids in the class were downright incredible, i couldnt have asked for better classmates. we were all like siblings by the end of our two weeks!! crazzzzzzzzzzy. and as for school ending, it ended yesterday and was kind of bittersweet. after 5 exams in the morning ( torture. pure torture) we got mcdonalds and went to a local park to play softball. i hate playing with the guys bcuz quite frankly, i suck and they are mean about it, so me and some friends went over to the playground and messed around instead for awhile, then i came back and watched. i felt kind of sad watching everyone... some of them i wont talk to for months, and three of them i may not talk to for years (one to college and 2 to lhs). but its nice to be out, its so freeing... i can do whatever i want with my day! oh, let the fun begin! altho im a bit geeky... i got my next years physics book to wrk on this summer... i dont want to do it, but i have a feeling im going to need all the help i can get :/. man, i feel like i should be writing something important or interesting but im drained. these last 2 weeks have been the most stressful time of my entire life... *sigh. im sooooooo glad its all over. oh dear, 2morro we have to go help out at a barn a few hours away to earn a free day to disney... im not to excited about it bcuz rumor has it we'll be mucking stalls. *shudder* i'll let ya know how it goes...
more confused than normal,

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