Thursday, May 6, 2010

go to this site and read this poem, we read it in my lit class and i really liked it alot... its kinda creepy :
sorry about my depressing ranting raving post yesterday. i've resolved to be pleasant to this friend, but not go out of my way to help her anymore. you can prolly understand why!! neways, i went to youth group with court and plushie last nite which was fun, i discovered the proper way to do "the cootie shot" (circle circle dot dot...) and talked to eric ( since i started this blog partially so i would stop keeping so many secrets i'll fess up~ i might maybe have a vague crush on the kid...) and learned that soon i will have many books to read and movies to watch thnx to court!!!

school was alrite today, same old. tommorow, however, is one of my friends' surprise birthday party/sleepover so i'm perty excited. at the same time tho, i'm not cuz i dont know half the girls who are coming very well :/ oh well, a party's a party's a party.

and, for the grand finale... go to its pretty cool!
love to all

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