Saturday, May 8, 2010


i feel profound. i titled my post untitled, this makes me deep, doesnt it? yes, admit it!

song of the day: city on our knees by toby mac
weeel the surprise party went well, she was vaguely surprised altho we felt like it was a funeral b4 she showed up... her mum placed her school picture up high on a shelf like shannon shrine! it was scary :/! but the party was fun, we ate pizza, played apples to apples, taboo, and bingo, then walked to DQ in the rain ( it was seriously like something out of a movie, street lights and rain, and a couple of awesome friends...), and me and shan decided to dance through the park. we have decided that we are definitely NOT meant to be ballroom dance partners anytime soon, it didnt really work out that great, haha. then we went to shans house and watched pride and prejudice and fell asleep half way through ( when elizabeth sees mr darcy at lady catherines house).... okay, we only stayed up til like 1, no joke, but we all slept in til 11! for breakfast we had cereal (frosted flakes, yay!) and cake (strawberry, altho it wasnt that great, imitation strawberry never is) and green tea ( i feel organic!). eventually, my dad had to come pick me and my friend meghan up to go home. once home, i took a shower, blew a fuse trying to dry my hair and warm up my straightner simultaneously, yeah i was not happy about that. then we had church, where i led the leetle children in singing ( they are soooo cute) and talked to elsie and keegan, who are incredible people, and ate a snickerdoodle cookie... yum yum! now, i am sitting here watching lord of the beans (laaame but cute) as i write. haha!
dinner time! shepherds pie <3
love to all

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