Wednesday, February 24, 2010

i'm wishin my life away with these things i'll never say

today was alrite, 3 of my classmates and one teacher ( all family) left today to go on a cruise and i am wicked jealous on SO many levels... but all that to say that it was pretty quiet. altho it did mean some horror for the rest of us as we decided to disenfect the desk he usually sits at and found a booger stuck in a pile of goo on the underside of the desk. *shudder* enough said. but beyond that horrid escapade~ since the teacher left, we had a sub who is alot of fun and also the art teacher. now i am not usually artistically inclined and cannot draw worth a donut, but somehow she makes it possible for me to atleast figure out what i'm doing. for example, we learned shading and sketching, and then did a big project where we all got to pick a picture and draw/shade it... so i went through some of my wacko fashion mags and found a crazy shot of buzz lightyear ducktaped to a chair~ altho strangely enough the main thing of the pic was sposed to be this weird red purse which i spent like no time on. anyways, the point of all that is that i DID get through it, and i loved it~ it was a little tedious, but the result is verry cool. unfortunately, this year we are not shading, this year we get to do ( drumroll plz... thank you) water color paintings.... agh. so i decided to challenge myself and chose a man on a horse with a polo stick poised.... k, so i got the man ( who looks funky bcuz he has these purplish shades all over his butt....), and the polo stick, but i'm about ready to rip up my paper on account of the horse. someone save me! someday, when i have the horrid thing done, i will take a pic and upload it on here for all you invisible people to laugh at :).


it snowed today, and while i wish it was spring again, i cannot help but be a bit disloyal and love the snow just for being beautiful! i took the dog (mooshi) for a walk when i got home from school and felt like an actress in one of those romantic moments where the guy comes up behind a girl in a snow storm and says he loves her right before the perfect kiss... i had the snow tangled in my eyelashes and everything ( i know cuz it was hard to see). only one problem, i dont think a movie girl ever had a small stubby ewok dog snuffling down the road in front of her; see the one moment i stopped to close my eyes and feel the snow, i felt a jerk and had to open my eyes bcuz the dog was off the running trying to pull me down the road behind him. *sigh.


so i have this problem. i've had a on and off teeeeeeeeeeeeny crush on this guy for like 5 years and i'm kind of hating myself for it. he's such an idiot, and yet.... see i know all the list of horrible things he has done and is still doing, but it doesnt seem to faze me~ how dumb it that? so heres me, feeling pathetic and second-best, telling the whole world about my problems. is that a sign of insanity? maybe. but it feels good to get it out of my head, so good luck to you poor people that have to put up with my insanity...
song of the day: i will be, avril lavigne

another day. another smile. another lifetime in denial. two more seconds. and i'm done. out of here i gotta run. but i cant because i know. i have no where left to away to get away. run away to bring some change. run away to live today. run to leave my yesterday... so i try to get it right. time and time night after night. but i cant run to a place. that denies my yesterday. so i cry and cry and cry. but i just cant say goodbye. so i stand here in the rain. all my tears they fall in away to get away to bring some away to live today. run to leave my yesterday.goodbye.

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