Monday, February 22, 2010


hello. welcome to my blog~ my life that is. now that i have my own laptop, this blog is officially going to be my online diary... aka you guys get to hear about my life, my tears, my crushes... everything. but i honestly dont want to spend a lifetime here telling you about my favorite color, favorite cereal, and whether or not i brush my teeth, i have so many better things to do. like fill you in on whats going on and then study for stupid history and go to sleeeeeeep!
so, today. well, we had a snow day which was really nice cuz i am feeling soo crappy. like seriously, i cough every thirty seconds and if i reach for a tissue to blow my nose one more time i think my body will begin evolving a tissue maker at the ends of my fingers to save me the effort! eww. well, 2morro its back to school *ahem purgatory ahem* and theres nothing i can do about it. see sometimes i love school and sometimes i hate it... long story. but my internet shuts off in three minutes (thanks to my great father) so i must say goodnite.... but i'll be back tomorow with more of the stories you never wanted to hear :)
love, me

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