Friday, February 26, 2010

to whom it may concern: you dont exist and my best friend is my worst enemy

song of the day: invisible by taylor swift

so i was thinking, no one reads this, how nice is that! but at the same time, its kind of sad.... here i am killing myself to make posts several times a week for no purpose? hmm well i guess thats about rite, isnt it? oh poo why am i asking you? you arent here, you're getting a manicure or eating a taco, or maybe even writing on your own blog. but certainly not reading mine. hey, its alrite, no hard feelings i'm cool with that.


and now, why my best friend is also my worst enemy... name? classified. code name? zilch. status? today, she's my best friend. yesterday she was my worst enemy. depends. so why is this? because she turns on me like a rottweiler! like we'll be chilling, and then i'll say something mildly dumb or ditzy and she turns it in to a " ooh look how dumb shae is, lets tell the world and get them all to laugh at her" moment... and they all fall for it every time... she has this talent for turning people against me in a heartbeat... ie yesterday i was talking about this sick TV doc my mom was watching about this 1000 lb man who was having a tumor removed, and i was like "eew, it was siiiiiiiiiiick, they were like wading through his fat to find the right spot..." and she was like " hello, if its that sick then why are you describing it?" in a you're so blonde tone of voice and i was like

"uhhhhhhhhh" and she looked rather smug and laughed for a while. ok ok ok, b4 you think my worst enemy is a total idiot, let me tell you why she's also my best friend. today my math teacher had this weird music on so we got ahold of our art teachers yo-yo-ma (cello) CD and were listening to that... so as the totally intense music came on and we choreographed this epic battle scene, complete with invisible ufos, bazookas, aliens, and light sabers. in the end we both died tragically and breathed our last as the song finished. see~ its not all bad. but it is confusing.


things i miss about summer

1. crickets ( the other night i thought i heard a cricket and was so excited that tears of joy sprung to my eyes! then i realized it was our squeaky washer. epic let down.)

2. the smell of wet dirt ( at church last week there was this bucket of dirt and someone walked by randomly and poured water in it... i immediately dropped to my knees and inhaled deeply~ heavenly; altho i did get some weird looks...)

3. laying in the grass under a endless blue sky

4. thunderstorms ( the kind where the lightning splits the sky and turns it purple)

5. popsicles :)

6. taking midnight walks in shorts and a tank top... just watching the stars

7. fireflies like mini stars you can catch!

8. jumping on the trampoline... higher, higher... up into the blue!

9. running through the sprinkler with my little siblings

10. playing in the rain in my swimsuit...

11. freedom

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